This is the example landing page that ships with Pegasus, which is heavily-based on Pegasus's own landing page.

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Fly Away!

My Amazing SaaS Application

This app will be the greatest thing the world has ever seen.

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Powerful Built-In Features
Powerful Built-In Features
This is where you talk about the great features that your app has.
Feature Number 1 — A really great feature that everyone will love!
Feature Number 2 — This feature is even better than Feature #1! A real crowd pleaser!
Feature 3 — Possibly the best feature of all. This is some groundbreaking stuff that this app can do.
Another Section of Functionality
Here you can add more things that you want to talk about.
Extra Thing 1 —This thing is important so it will be listed first.
Extra Thing 2 —This thing is not as important as the first thing, so we've listed it second.
Extra Thing 2 —This is the least important thing in this section.
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A Third Section
You are probably getting the picture now, but you can put as many of these sections as you want.
Third Section Item 1 —You don't have to have three items in each section. This one only has two. The text here is a bit longer because we want to fill the space.
Third Section Item 2 —This is the last one in this section. Phew, that was repetetive! Now we can move onto a different layout / section of the page.

Just $200 $99 per month for new users! What a deal!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What's this section all about?
It's a simple two-column format that works great for a back and forth dialog like an FAQ.
What does your app do?

What doesn't the app do?

It will solve all of your problems and a few problems you didn't even know you had!

What else can you tell me?

Not too much. Each application is a unique snowflake and you'll have to come up with the right message for your application. This is just a layout to get you started!