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Through November 30, you can use Pegasus on unlimited sites for the cost of a single-site license—a $450 savings
The Pegasus Accelerator Package
Give your project a flying start by working directly with the creator of Pegasus

The Pegasus Accelerator Package is a limited offering to work directly with the creator of Pegasus—that's me—to launch your application as quickly as possible.

What you get

In short, you get off the ground absurdly fast.

For many projects this can mean having a fully functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP) live on a public, production-ready server, often in under a week.

Details include:

  • A customized Pegasus-based codebase, tailored specifically to your project and needs.
  • Production-ready deployment to the VPS of your choice.
  • Automated scripts to manage future deploys and maintenance of your site.

How it works

A typical accelerator engagement looks something like the below.

On the development side:

  1. You create a document describing your product vision.
  2. We have one or more calls together to hash out requirements and design in detail.
  3. We work together to define the scope of the MVP, and I help you where you need it the most.

On the deployment side:

  1. You set up an account on a cloud hosting provider and provide me access.
  2. I deploy your application in a production-ready way.
  3. I provide you with steady-state deployment scripts to automate and repeat the process.

When we're done, you're ready to take over the codebase and deployment on your own!


The initial early-access pricing is $1500 plus the cost of a Pegasus license.

In addition, you will need to pay for hosting costs on the provider of your choosing—starting around $10/month.


Due to limited time at the moment I can take up to two packages per month.

If I can't accommodate you today, I'll let you know when I can!

My Credentials

I've been running production Django applications at scale for well over 10 years.

In addition to creating Pegasus and running several of my own projects (including Build With Django, Place Card Me, and Chat Stats), I was also the Chief Technology Officer of Dimagi for more than 10 years where I led the team that built CommCare—a Django application that serves hundreds of thousands of daily users.

To date, I've helped get more than 10 successful projects off the ground, and have never had an unhappy client.

How to sign up

If you're interested, send me a mail at and we can go from there!