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The Django Powered SaaS Template

Get your new SaaS project started in hours instead of weeks, and build on a foundation ready to scale and grow with your business.

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Powerful Built-In Features
Powerful Built-In Features
These things are already done for you—so you can focus on what makes your app special.
User Management — Sign-up, authentication, email confirmation, and password reset built in.
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Teams —Create multi-tenant applications with a built-in teams model and invitation workflow.
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Subscriptions — Set up plans and collect recurring subscription payments with Stripe in minutes.
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Jeremy Parra, Savvy Education

The ability to get a product to market quickly and testing the service are hallmarks in this landscape. SaaS Pegasus makes it possible not just to build your demo, but to get product-ready in weeks not months. That is what SaaS Pegasus helped us do at Savvy Education Inc. We were able to go from 0 to 1 in 3 weeks, building on top of Pegasus.

Jeremy Parrafounder, Savvy Reading
Get your codebase off on the right foot—whether it's your first Django project or your tenth.
An Up-To-Date Codebase — Including Python 3, Django 3, and up-to-date versions of all supporting libraries.
Clean Project Structure — Based off of 10+ years of firsthand experience and the latest in Django best-practices.
Modern Front-End — A webpack-based build pipeline with React or Vue.js and Bulma Sass, so you don’t have to wrestle with JavaScript build tools.
Plumbing Included
Plumbing Included
Instant integration with all the little things every project needs.
Email — Send emails using Mailgun, SES, Sendgrid, and many others supported service providers.
Analytics — Track usage and metrics with Google Analytics to see how your site is doing.
Error Monitoring — Monitor and track errors on your site using Sentry, the gold standard for monitoring Django projects.

Just $295 per site, or $750 for unlimited sites

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Jason Wallace, New Idea

We used Pegasus to start a new client project. In just a few minutes we had a well thought out foundational web app. This allowed us to get straight into the meat of the project by simply expanding on the backend and frontend. Pegasus is perfect for new projects with small teams.

Jason Wallacefounder, New Idea
Martin Galese, Patentmark

Pegasus provided a rock solid foundation for the Patentmark web app, with sensible defaults and well-curated extensions ready to go.

Martin Galesefounder, Patentmark
Tanel Poder

SaaS Pegasus was a great find, it helped me to get started with my next "secret project" without having to think about the app boilerplate & web framework scaffolding too much. I could test out a rudimentary version of my idea running end-to-end (including Stripe payments) in a matter of hours!


Pegasus has been great during development. There was just the right amount of stuff already done. And it never felt like I was bound by it, or wrestling with it—it always felt like it was helping the development rather than hindering it.

David Brownfounder, Sterki
Start from fully-working examples
Pegasus ships with a gallery of examples for you to easily integrate into your own project.
React and Vue.js single-page-apps — Interact with a data model in a React or Vue-based single-page application. Learn more.
Charts — Sample data visualizations backed by real data from your application's models.
Background Tasks — Support long-running or scheduled tasks easily with a working Celery + front-end integration.
Payments — Sample e-commerce workflow with Stripe payments, so you can get paid!
Landing Page — A responsive, easy-to-customize landing page template (the one you're reading now!)
Pricing Page — An example pricing page integrated directly into your application (this one!).

Try the demo to see the live examples, or you can watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Pegasus?

Good question! Pegasus is a starter template/boilerplate that uses Cookiecutter to provide a completely customized Django starter project. Instead of starting with Django's default skeleton project, you start with a whole bunch of extra work done for you!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to get up and running with Pegasus in under five minutes.

Who is Pegasus for?

In short, Pegasus is for developers who want to jump start their projects.

For a longer treatment of this question, see "Is Pegasus right for me?"

Can I use Pegasus on my existing project's codebase?

Sadly, not easily.

Pegasus is primarily for new projects and is not designed to integrate into existing codebases. You can still use it as a reference and get value from the examples gallery, but this might involve a fair bit of copy/paste. You've been warned!

What if I decide I don't like it after I buy it?

We don't want you to be disappointed! If Pegasus isn't what you expected you can email us within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked.

Well, we might ask you why you didn't like it so we can make it better in the future, but you don't have to answer and you'll still get your money back right away.

Do I have to use React?

No—with some caveats.

Most of Pegasus is built with pure, standard Django views, and the overwhelming majority of functionality has no React.js dependencies whatsoever.

Pegasus uses Webpack to build the front-end, and so swapping in a different JavaScript framework—or using none at all—is as simple as modifying a few config files. Pegasus even ships with a Vue.js example to demonstrate how easy this is!

If you are planning on using the teams feature, the management UI is dependent on React, so you'll need to reimplement a few things if you drop it.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!