Become a SaaS Pegasus Affiliate

Share SaaS Pegasus with your audience and earn 20%—up to $200—on every new customer you refer.

How it works

You can start earning in minutes, and make up to $200 on every customer you refer.

Get your unique link.
Sign up for the affiliate program to get your unique tracking link.
Share with your audience.
Post your link on your website or social media. Every time someone signs up using your link it will be attached to your account.
When a customer who signed up with your link purchases Pegasus, you'll earn 20% of the sale. The average payout is more than $150 per sale.

Frequently asked questions

Paypal is preferred, though bank transfers are also possible. Payments are made in US dollars, and will be subject to any exchange rates and processing fees determined by the financial institutions.

Purchases are eligible for payout seven days after they are made (to accommodate the refund period) and payouts happen monthly. So the most you'll ever have to wait is about 35 days.


However, you are not allowed to advertise with the keyword "SaaS Pegasus" or any other keywords linked to the Pegasus brand. "SaaS" by itself or with other keywords is ok.

Your advertising efforts should be focused on users who are not already familiar with Pegasus.

No, usage of your own affiliate link to get a "discount" on the total you pay for Pegasus is not allowed.

Email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible!