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What's Included
All the core features your application needs and a streamlined development experience.

User Accounts

A secure and extensible user account system with sign up, authentication, email confirmation, password reset, and social login built in.


Teams and Invitations

Create multi-tenant applications with an optional teams/organizations model, invitation workflow, and role-based access control framework.

Video | Documentation


Set up plans and collect recurring payments with a powerful and flexible Stripe subscriptions module.

Video | Documentation

E-Commerce Store

A built-in store for processing once-off payments with Stripe.

Video | Documentation

OpenAI Examples

Kickstart your AI product with demo applications built on top of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2.


Multiple CSS themes

A responsive UI built with your choice of Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, or Bulma.


Choice of Front End

Interactive pages in Pegasus are built with your choice of React or HTMX. Use as much or as little JavaScript as you want.

Async and Websocket Support

Build real-time UIs with a asynchronous and websocket support with django-channels and a built-in group chat demo.

Video | Documentation

Content Management System

Add a blog or static site to your application—with a rich editing UI—using a built-in integration with Wagtail CMS.

Video | Documentation

API ecosystem

Built in REST APIs, API documentation, and client libraries for all your application's data.


Background Tasks

Add background jobs and scheduled tasks with Celery.


Per-Seat Pricing

Charge for subscriptions on a configurable 'per-seat' basis, based on the number of users or a different metric of your choice.

Video | Documentation

Admin UI

Work with your database models directly in a browser with Django's built-in Admin UI.

User Impersonation

Troubleshoot users' problems faster by experiencing the app exactly how they do.

Feature Flags

Instantly turn features on and off for specific users, teams, or even site-wide—without pushing any code.


Two-factor Authentication

Let users protect their accounts with an extra layer of security using Google Authenticator or similar.

Flexible Deployment

Built-in tools to deploy to multiple cloud platforms or any VPS in just a few clicks.


Tests and CI

A built-in test suite and front end build system, running automatically with Github Actions.



Infrastructure to translate your application into any language.

Video | Documentation

Docker-based development

Get up and running in a single command using cross-platform Docker containers.


Built-in Toolchain

A built-in TypeScript/JavaScript and Sass/CSS build pipeline with Webpack and other modern tools and no fuss.


Example Charts

Fully-integrated demo of dynamic charts based on real data from your application.


Send email with any popular email service provider (ESP), including built-in, mobile-friendly templates for common emails.

Error Monitoring

Track errors in your production application in real-time with Sentry—the gold-standard for Django application monitoring.


Built on the secure Django web framework with sensible defaults to help avoid common security mistakes.

Our Customers
Some of the successful sites and companies that have used Pegasus.

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How it works
Go from zero to fully-functional app in under five minutes.
Use the online codebase creator to specify your project's settings, features, and backing technologies.
Download the complete source code for your new project and get up and running with a single command.
Start building your application, with help from the Pegasus docs and Slack community.

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More than a codebase
The Pegasus ecosystem gives you the support you need to get your application off the ground.

Our Community

Get support from Pegasus's creator and hundreds of other developers building with Pegasus in our private Slack community.

Hear from community members.


Comprehensive Documentation

Our documentation helps you get started with development, deployment, using best practices, and solving common problems.

Browse the docs.


Continuous Releases

The codebase is updated regularly with new features, bug fixes, library upgrades, and more.

See release history.

Ship fast and worry-free
Here's what some Pegasus customers have said after using it to launch their apps.
Jeremy Parra, Savvy Education

SaaS Pegasus makes it possible not just to build your demo, but to get product-ready in weeks not months. We were able to go from 0 to 1 in 3 weeks, building on top of Pegasus.

Jeremy Parrafounder, Savvy Learning
Dominic Monn

I'm usually pretty critical of SaaS boilerplates, SaaS Pegasus is quite literally "CTO in a box" and has taught me a ton about modern Django just from buying it.

Adrian Rosebrock

In only 4 days I was able to take my existing Django project, integrate SaaS Pegasus, and push it online. You have done an amazing job creating Pegasus. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

Allison Seboldt

Using SaaS Pegasus to handle all the boilerplate code was so easy and helpful. The application was ready to launch 10x faster than when I handle that stuff myself.

Gareth Dwyer

We estimated that we could launch our productized service in six weeks. Thanks to Pegasus, we did it in six days! Everything Just Worked.

Bhavik Maneck

SaaS Pegasus provided the perfect foundation to build from. If you’re using Django, save time and money—I highly recommend it!

Phil Wennker

Pegasus helped me tremendously understanding the logic behind Django projects, really a great solution you have!

Evan Dempsey

SaaS Pegasus is a no-brainer for SaaS entrepreneurs. It saves hundreds of hours of work and is a solid foundation for SaaS applications in Django.

Frequently asked questions

Good question! Pegasus is a Django-backed SaaS boilerplate that puts you in control.

You choose the technologies and features you want included, and Pegasus generates a unique codebase for your project. Instead of starting with Django's default skeleton project, you start with a bunch of extra work done for you—and nothing you don't need.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to get up and running with Pegasus in under five minutes. And for a deep dive on how Pegasus is put together see this writeup on how Pegasus works.

In short, Pegasus is for developers who want to jump start their projects.

Pegasus works well for experienced coders, data scientists looking to get into web development, and technical entrepreneurs looking to build their own MVPs.

Beginners and experienced developers alike will feel at home in Pegasus's mature—and always improving—codebase.

For a longer treatment of this question, see "Is Pegasus right for me?"

Yes, but it's a bit of work.

Pegasus is primarily for new projects and is not designed to integrate into existing codebases. Pegasus customers with existing apps typically either copy their app's code into a new Pegasus project, or copy the Pegasus features they need into their existing codebase. Both of these approaches work fine, but involve some copy/pasting.

We don't want you to be disappointed! If Pegasus isn't what you expected you can email us within 7 days for a full refund—no questions asked.

Well, we might ask you why you didn't like it so we can make it better in the future, but you don't have to answer and you'll still get your money back right away.


You can upgrade a license within the first year of purchase for the difference in price between the two tiers plus $49. So, for example, upgrading a license from Professional to Unlimited is $999 - $449 + $49 = $599.


Most of Pegasus is built with standard Django views and templates, and the majority of functionality has minimal amounts of JavaScript.

For the parts of Pegasus that leverage JavaScript to provide a modern user experience, Pegasus lets you to choose between React and HTMX. HTMX is a great on-ramp to modern web applications for Django developers and requires no JavaScript knowledge whatsoever!

Pegasus also ships with a Webpack pipeline to build the front-end, and so swapping in a different JavaScript framework—or using none at all—is as simple as modifying a few config files. Pegasus even ships with a Vue.js example to demonstrate how easy this is!

Pegasus lets you build multi-tenant applications—that is, applications that serve multiple customers (tenants) on top of a single platform. Each tenant (in Pegasus, a team) gets a siloed view of just their data.

Under the hood, Pegasus uses a single database and manages data isolation using foreign keys and a set of built-in helper functions in the application layer. You can read more about these tools in the teams documentation.

The main advantage of this architecture is that it is much faster to build and deploy on. And—if you follow the built-in patterns—it can scale to an almost-arbitrary size. We believe strongly that this makes it the best tenant architecture for most use cases.

That said, the single-database architecture may not be suitable for applications with extremely rigid security requirements. For those applications, a more siloed approach using something like django-tenants—which enforces data isolation at the database level—may be more appropriate. Using these alternate architectures will substantially increase the complexity of building and deploying your application.

It is possible, but a lot of work (and not supported), to adapt Pegasus to use a different tenant architecture. Very few Pegasus customers have ever needed to do this, even at scale.

Email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible!